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Run a better electrical-contracting business without the paperwork and administrative headaches. We’ll take care of your accounting and taxes so you can get back to growing your business.

Learn How to 

Avoid the CRA

Download the Top Triggers to Avoid
the attention of the CRA.

Do you need to worry about being audited?

Are you risking a CRA Tax Audit?

Download our Top Audit Triggers for Electrical Contractors.

From April 2016 to March 2017, CRA completed 111,712 audits and collected over $10 Million in fines.

Canada Revenue is focusing the majority of their resources on small businesses. 

If your business is showing any red flags you will draw the attention of the CRA.

Taxes optimized for electrical-contractors

Whether your business is thriving or just getting off the ground you shouldn't have to pay more than you need to. Your accounting needs will change over time and not every accounting solution can grow with you. We work with over 2,000 trades businesses. 

We are tax experts that have experience working with electrical-contractor businesses.

Tax Planning 

Having a long-term tax plan isn't a simple task but we make it very easy for you.

  1. You're busy running your business, we get it, so we come to you.
  2. We review your previous years’ tax returns.
  3. We learn and help you achieve your immediate and long-term financial goals.

Tax Consulting

Your own tax expert to speak when considering important business decisions throughout the year.

  1. Ensure your business is structured to minimize your taxes. 
  2. Take advantage of government programs and tax credits.
  3. Maximize deductions for business expenses.

Audit Protection

We stand behind the tax solution that we prepare for you. Our service guarantee includes Audit Protection. 

  1. If you're audited by the CRA we'll represent you at no extra cost.
  2. We cover the court costs and legal fees. 
  3. We will reimburse you for any penalties caused by FBC errors.

More Than 25% Of Electrical Business Owners Spend Over 100 Hours Per Year On Their Taxes

And that's just federal taxes - forget provincial taxes, invoicing, receipt management, bookkeeping, and all the other nitpicky bits of the day-to-day accounting you need to manage your business.

Less Paperwork

Tracking expenses is a never-ending hassle but key to understanding your business.  FBC gives you time to focus and get stuff done by giving you the right tools and expertise. 

Take Advantage of Government Programs

Get all the incentives for electrical businesses such as apprentice tax credits and grants.


Reclaim your nights and weekends

Peace of Mind

Electrical businesses are at a higher risk of audits. FBC gives you the guidance you need to avoid them and protection if needed.

Paying your employees or contractors is a recurring headache for many businesses. FBC can set up a process to make this easier or take it off your hands altogether.

Between managing projects, organizing your crew, and finding new customers, you’re left with little time to worry about your accounting and all that paperwork that quickly piles up. FBC will ensure that you're compliant with Canada Revenue and that you pay the least amount of taxes over the long term.

"A big thank you for looking after my reassessment from CRA, I guess they're NOT always right."


Proulx Lawn & Shrub Care, Nepean, ON

"I've had many reviews and mini audits from CRA. FBC handles them quickly in the way I want things handled."

"FBC helped us get a $26,000 tax relief due to previously made errors by accountants and CRA auditors. They took the time to understand our business and rectify taxation problems with CRA."


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Over 2,000 electricians, plumbers, HVAC, builders, painters, landscapers and other trades across Canada trust FBC.

 Interested in less paperwork and administrative headaches?

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